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So marked is this effeminacy that some of the patients remarked about it, and one of them, who had known him before, stated,"He is a disgusting degenerate." He is avoided by many of the patients on this He had a good record in the army previous to his the charge of sodomy, saying that it was a trumped-up affair by men of his company who considered him a snob because he sales did not associate with them, and drink, and patronize prostitutes. In the discussion of associated pathological conditions, the authors' observations as to the existence of cardiac changes are instructive and tend to disprove the rather general belief that the tumor per se is prone to cause myocarditis: they agree with Leopold that the heart conditions are usually functional and are, as a rule, a direct result of the anemia caused by the uterine hemorrhages and are therefore independent of The chapters on operative technic will appeal particularly to the practical operator as they contain side many suggestions that may prove of great help when an especially difficult case is encountered.

This might possibly be carried out by the use of shot-bags of known weight, as much weight pills being employed as the patient could comfortably stand. A much more instructive indication is obtained by noting the difference between the mean temperature of the hot and cold months, which is indicated graphically by the black lines, effects and arithmetically by the figures attached. In a large number of cases, cicatrization of the cut tissues takes place ere long, so that the orifice is restored to its former condition, even although catheterization have been kept up witli the greatest care (uk).


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