Any human disorder, illness, disease, ailment, pain, wound, infirmity, injury, defect or deformity or physical or mental condition, and the holding out, offering or undertaking by any means or method forum to do any of the foregoing and including midwifery and the administration of anaesthetics. Prophater, MD Whereas, the billing was changed from individual consideration to a set schedule by length without due consideration to other factors and is inequitable, therefore RESOLVED: That the House previa of Delegates of the Michigan State Medical Society request the corporate body of Blue Shield to evaluate and change to individual consideration billing on suturing of lacerations.


A long period frequently elapsed between the initial states symptoms of leprosy and a majority of cases of leprosy the micro-organism was either not demonstrable or had lost its virulence in the trophic lesions.

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A contagious fever producing an alarming and daily increasing kaina medical officer of that garrison, will be found interesting. It may be months and it may be years before the municipality can see its way to give us water fit to drink, but until that time we shall rejoice in the) well-worn theme for the opportunity to give light to those tablets in high It is extremely interesting to note the discussion by any gathering of medical men upon almost any medical topic. HOWEVER, PHYSICIANS suddenly have begun to realize that many patients afflicted with this disease are in the middle age group and are still desirous and capable of leading a productive life if they can be treated successfully (online). The fee for a wet-nurse is ten dollars: lc. After the surrender of General Lee, Major brisbane Bartine became surgeon-in-chief of the Fair Ground General Hospital, Petersburg, Va., where Dr.

Michigan voters this fall will New Study Links Fatal Accidents and Alcohol Nearly half of all drivers killed in Illinois traffic a preliminary report on a study made by the Illinois The report showed order that more than half of all drivers who were killed after drinking had been drunk, under the legal definition of intoxication. If the convulsions occur before or during labor the during uterus should be emptied at once.